The Lie Behind Working Hard For Success | Vishen Lakhiani 11 months ago

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Do you believe that hard work is what it takes to be successful?

If you follow entrepreneurship channels on social media that champion simplistic, motivational ideas like “Embrace the hustle” or “Work harder than your competition” you’d be inclined to believe so.

But your success, your fulfilment, and virtually every aspect of life, hinges on just ONE thing — And it’s NOT how much or how hard your work.

It's time to bust the myth and start building your own framework to start shifting things into the right place for success.

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00:45 Vishen Lakhiani started telling the story of his life
03:53 How Vishen Lakhiani named his company Mindvalley?
06:35 Why Vishen Lakhiani quite the job of director of marketing?
09:29 Vishen Lakhiani meet with Bob Proctor
12:09 Bob Proctor "Are your goals worthy enough of you?"

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